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Department of Ethics and Moral Philosophy


Workplace Characteristics:

The Department of Ethics and Moral Philosophy of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of the Trnava University in Trnava offers the study of Ethics and Moral Philosophy in Bachelor’s (Bc.), Master’s (Mgr.) and  PhD.’s degrees of study. It is also possible to study the external and internal form of study programs. For more information about our degrees of study, see the information for students.

Department focuses on the practical side of ethics. It teaches critical thinking and ethical assessment systems in the history and the present. Students will learn advanced research methods used in humanitarian sciences. The study of ethics is very beneficial for people. It is a vital contribution to education, which would greatly influenced social coexistence and creativity in terms of a higher humanity. Department of Ethics also cooperates with international departments and universities in scientific research and the growth of knowledge.



Department of Ethics and Moral Philosophy

Katedra etiky a morálnej filozofie

Filozofická fakulta TU

Hornopotočná 23, 918 43 Trnava

+421 33 5939303