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About us

In 1992 Department of History was one of constituent parts of reopened Trnava University (as a member of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts). Until present day the Department was led by prof. Richard Marsina (doyen of Slovak Medieval studies), prof. Jozef Šimončič, prof. Marta Dobrotková and prof. Vladimír Rábik.

The Department offers study programmes in history at the Bachelor´s, Master´s and Doctoral´s level, all in both internal and external forms. Bachelors to be are led by professionals to acquire knowledge in history research and to gain the basic craftsmen skills. During their studies students take part at lectures focused on Slovak and general history as well as specialized seminars and practices aimed at the critical analysis of data sources. Master´s level students are able to choose the appropriate courses to specialize in one of the history periods (Middle Ages, Modern History, Contemporary Period). In the doctoral studies students implement all acquired knowledge and skills in self-dependent research work.