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ANODOS 4-5/2004-2005

Klára Kuzmová (eds.)
FF TU v Trnave
Rok vydania: 
anglický, nemecký


ANODOS 4-5/2004-2005 contains 23 contributions in English, German and French presented at the international symposium “Arms and Armour through the Ages. From the Bronze Age to the Late Antiquity” in Modra-Harmónia on November 19-21, 2005. It was the 3rd event of this kind organized by the Department of Classical Archaeology of the University of Trnava. Two partner institutions from Turkey - Selçuk University, Konya and Uludağ University, Bursa - took part in the organization for the first time. The Slovak Archaeological Society at the Slovak Academy of Sciences cooperated as traditionally. Participants were scholars from 10 European countries and overseas (Turkey, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain and USA), graduate and post-graduate students from Trnava and Vienna, and other guests.Ing. Vladimír Medlen, mayor of the town of Modra, welcomed the participants. At the end of the symposium, an excursion to the Archaeological Museum of the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava was arranged. Participants had opportunity to see contemporary exhibition “The Sword. The Beginnings of Swords in Slovakia” and permanent exhibitions of the museum.The symposium was arranged with the support of the Slovak Grant Agency VEGA (Projects Nos. 1/0456/03 and 2/3172/23), The Nuclear Power Plant Research Institute (VÚJE Trnava), the town of Modra, Enterprise Baliarne obchodu a.s. Poprad and other sponsors. Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Trnava, the town of Trnava and the Slovak Grant Agency VEGA (Project No. 1/1219/04) contributed financially to the publication of ANODOS 4-5/2004-2005. 

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