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History and Theory of Art, as one the fields of study of re-established Trnava University (1992), has been defined broader than other departments of such kind in Slovakia. The art is understood here in wider cultural-historical, pholosophic and aesthetic contexts. The teaching covers all periods and styles including contemporary art, as well as it reflects theoretical backgrounds of them all, in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary aproach. Through lectures, seminars, excercises, excursions and exchanges our students do specialize in particular problematics in History of Art. One of the most remarkable directions in students’ specialization is the Conservation of Monuments, in practical meanings they are particularly prepared to work in this area.

The main goals of teaching History and Theory of Art is to equip our graduates with professional skills in the spheres of culture and organisations established to fulfil the needs of artisctiv and cultural development, conservation, scientific research and support of teaching. Our graduates usually work for museums and galleries, in conservation offices, cultural facilities and all kinds of schools.


Katedra dejín a teórie umenia
Filozofická fakulta Trnavskej univerzity v Trnave
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