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Department of Philosophy profiles itself in two basic directions. The first is educational activity, which is mainly focused on the study of the history of philosophy and the individual philosophical currents and schools that have contributed significantly to the development of education in its history. The emphasis is on the study of philosophical texts and literature. At the same time, we also try to introduce students to the basic disciplines and problems of philosophy (epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, methodology and philosophy of science, aesthetics, anthropology), which form part of the bachelor's degree, are developed more deeply in the master's degree, and acquire special orientations in the doctoral studies in philosophy.

The second part of the department's profiling is scientific and research activity. In their scientific and research work, the employees of the department are mainly engaged in selected issues of the history of philosophy, the relationship between philosophy and other disciplines, or human and culture-oriented research. Part of the scientific research activities are phenomenological studies, which focuses on domestic and foreign cooperation with philosophical institutions developing phenomenological research with regard to contemporary problems of society, science, existence, art and culture.

Department of Philosophy is on the 4th floor, in the building of Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Phone number:  +0421 33/59 39 210