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Trnava University is a modern university with a great heritage (the original Trnava University was the first university established in the former Hungarian empire (established 1635) in the oldest Slovak free royal town). Philosophy was taught here since university was established (the very first lecture at the university was about the core of racionalistic philosophy, by Martin Palkovič, on 14. November, 1635).

During 142 years of existence, some very relevant thinkers acted here (Martin Sentiváni, Andrej Jaslinský, Ján Ivančič, Ján Krstiteľ Horváth, L. Csapodi, J. Kazy, F. Kazy, P. Makó, S. Csiba and others)

In 1992 Trnava University has been reinstated and philosophy was again its constituent part. In contemporary history led the Department of Philosophy  prof. J. Letz (1994-2006); Doc. R. A. Slavkovský (2006-2009); prof. A. Démuth (2009-)

Department of Philosophy consists of two sections: cognitive studies and phenomenological studies.


One week with: Department of Philosophy offers every semester one week of lectures, seminars and workshops with famous experts, (in recent years: Paul Thagard – Waterloo University, Peter Gärdenfors – Lund University, David Perrett – St. Andrews University, Ronald de Sousa – Toronto University, Alan Hájek – Australian National University, Fiona Mcpherson – Glasgow University, Ernest Sosa – Rutgers University, Anthony Steinbock – Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Richard Gray – Cardiff University, Timothy Williamson – Oxford University, Semir Zeki – Kings College London…) and research at CogLab.


Alumni: Department of Philosophy organizes every year Alumni meeting for all alumni students and teachers with talks, discussions and cultural program.


Department of Philosophy is on the 4th floor, in the building of Faculty of Arts,

23, Hornopotočná street, Trnava, door number 408, 409, departmental library room number 411.

Phone number  +0421 33/59 39 210

e- mail: filozof [at]