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In the past focused researchers on Department of Philosophy on philosophical personalism (understanding of person, personal identity, cultural identification…)

Department of Philosophy currently focuses on two main fields: Cognitive studies and Phenomenology.

Researchers of Department of Philosophy  solve currently the APVV project Kognitívne prehodnotenie krásy: Zjednotenie filozofie a kognitívnych štúdií estetického vnímania.


The project focuses on the analysis of the cognitive aspects of aesthetic experience as well as the possibility of cognitive explanation of beauty. The main goal is to test the hypothesis that the aesthetic experience is based on perception of cognitive analysable information, and the possibility of identification of cultural, evolutionary and historical resources forming the aesthetic experience. Realization of the project enables to create the conditions for a wider scientific debate on the cognitive aspects of beauty and art perception and also on justification of the existence of cognitive aesthetics in the humanities. The project aims to promote the integration of scientific and philosophical approaches exploring the aesthetic experience and to provide a platform for wider systematic and interdisciplinar research of subjective experience.