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Department of Philosophy provides mainly full-time study of philosophy in the single-discipline study programmes Philosophy (Bc., Mgr. and PhD.). At the same time, we provide the possibility of rigorosis proceedings.
The individual study programmes are available on the public portal of the MAIS information system.

Profile of a graduate of the study field Philosophy
A graduate of philosophy studies acquires knowledge of the history of philosophy and individual philosophical disciplines. The graduate is able to identify conceptual systems and their ideological background, is capable of interdisciplinary cooperation, is able to process textual materials analytically, and expresses himself or herself in a cultivated manner in written and spoken language. The graduate can assess the logical consistency and coherence of arguments and claims. Next, the graduate is characterised by independence in the application of philosophical methods as well as in the solution of theoretical and practical problems. The study of philosophy provides a wide range of employment opportunities. Successful philosophy graduates can be found not only in scientific and educational institutions with a philosophical, humanities or social science focus, cultural and social institutions, educational and extracurricular establishments, but also in the media, in the editorial offices of professional and social journals, publishing houses, in the public sphere and in non-governmental organisations, foundations, civic associations, in the state administration, as well as in the private sector.

Department of Philosophy also provides courses taught for other departments within the Faculty of Arts.
Since the academic year 2011/12, the Department also offers an external form of study in Philosophy, which is characterized by the fact that it is identical in content to the full-time study, takes place in small groups with a greater emphasis on self-study, consultation and tutorial, using both classical and modern methods of study.

Student tutors
Bc. Viktória Orbánová
viktoria.orbanova [at]

Bc. Helena Jucková
helena.juckova [at]