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Information about studies

Forms of studies

Accredited daily and external Bachelor and Master studies in study program

  • Political Science

in the study major 3.1.6 Political Science. Bachelor of the political sciences of our department obtains the knowledge mainly in the field of theory of politics, history of world and Slovak political mind, international relations and history of diplomacy, comparative politics, modern Slovak and world history and political philosophy. Bachelor can find work in lower degrees of state administration, civil unions or associations, political or third sector institutions, mass media and private sector as well.

Bachelor studies take standard of 6 semesters / three years and is completed by bachelor thesis and state exams. Master studies take standard of 4 semesters / two years and is completed by master thesis and state exams.



Admission procedure for bachelor and master degree of study is actually without admission exams.


Structure of subjects in bachelor studies 

1st year WT
Theories of International Relations I.
History of Diplomacy
History of Political Thought I.
Political Science Research Methods
Introduction to the Study of Political Sciences I.
Human and Civil Rights
Public Policy Actors
Introduction to Philosophy I.

1st year ST
Theories of International Relations II.
History of Political Thought II.
The Political History of Slovakia
Theory of Political Parties
Introduction to the Study of Political Sciences II.
Comparison of Public Policies
Security policy
Introduction to Philosophy II.

2nd year WT
Comparative Politics and Theory of Political Systems I.
Political Geography I.
Political Ideologies I.
Integration Processes in Europe I.
History of Balkans

2nd year ST
Comparative Politics and Theory of Political Systems II.
Political Ideologies II.
Slovak Political Thought
Introduction into the Methodology of Science
Integration processes in Europe II.
Public Policies Analysis

3rd year WT
Political Anthropology
Selected Topics in Political Philosophy
Political Philosophy in 20th century I.
Introduction into the Theory of Democracy
Public Policy and Public Finances
Seminar of the Bachelor Paper I.

3rd year ST
Comparative Politics and Social Theory
Political Philosophy in 20th century II.
Regional Development
Seminar of the Bachelor Paper II.

Subjects of state bachelor exam

Defense of Bachelor Paper
International Relations and the History of Diplomacy
Comparative Politics and Social Theory
Political History of 18th – 20th Century or History of Political Thought and the Political Philosophy


Stated subjects are mandatory, students are encouraged to take several of the subjects, not only from the Department of Political Sciences offer but as well other departments. The complete study program can be found here: Politológia Bc. program