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Game Theory and the Problem of Decision-Making

Andrej Démuth
Towarzystwo Słowaków w Polsce - FF TU
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The following text aims to offer an introduction, in terms of basic ideas and terminology, into game theory and decision processes. Although the subject being presented here is mostly a domain of mathematical, economical, statistical, political or psychological approaches, this approach is attempting a philosophical analysis of applying rationality in decision processes. Therefore, contrary to other introductions into game theory, we will find no formulas, equations or mathematical symbols describing calculations of payment functions or probabilities of occurrence of certain phenomena in this work. Consequently, in Binmore style, I would like to apologize in advance to all who were hoping to find here exact, mathematically identifiable formulations of the effectiveness of certain strategies and profitability of given techniques. However, the absence of „mathematisation“, as I hope, does not necessarily cause a decrease in accuracy and applicability of presented thoughts. On the contrary. This text is trying to open up a whole area of thinking which includes a wide palette of problems and approaches hidden under one common name „The Game Theory“ to those interested in the humanities. The reason for this step lies not only in the fact that the author himself is oriented toward the humanities (Philosophy/Psychology), but mainly because he strongly believes in the benefits and meaningfulness of showing the whole and the structure rather than the details (Kolmogorov Complexity). After all, the main target of any introduction into a subject is to present the gist of a problem, it’s main elements and relationships within. Those interested in a deeper analysis of this issue can clearly find more detailed, mathematical models of explanation with more nuance.

Kľúčové slová: Game theory, decision, rationality, cooperation