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Perception Theories

Andrej Démuth
Towarzystwo Słowaków w Polsce - FF TU
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If we want to learn something about the reality we meet, we should know something about the way we capture it or how the meeting with reality is constructed. This work, however, doesn’t just look at a neuroanatomical, cognitive–psychological description of receptors and mechanisms of sensory reception, but also offers deeper thoughts about the conditions and mainly about the consequences of higher cognitive processes tied to perception. The text thus walks a line between general and cognitive psychology and philosophical epistemology while trying to map not only the origins of percepts, what influences them, but mainly where and how our perception convictions originate and the total concept of reality we live in. The obvious intention of this exploration is not only to present a package of basic facts and theories, but also to encourage the reader to think about and to problematize the perception processes and consequences.

Kľúčové slová: Cognitive studies, perception, realism, constructivism