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Milan Katuninec
Peter Lang GmbH v spolupráci s vydavateľstvom VEDA
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978-3-631-88456-0 (PETER LANG), 978-80-224-1957-4 (VEDA)
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This book describes and analyses many interesting events in the political development of Europe from the Ancient world to the present day and offers opportunities for a comparative approach, which lays emphasis not only on the historical, economic and social context, but also on the spiritual and intellectual heritage of our European culture.

“The main strengths of this book are its inter-disciplinarity, its analyses of political, social, religious experiments like Athenian democracy, the Roman Empire, the role of the Church in the social organisation and order of Western and Central Europe during the Middle Ages, advances in the natural sciences, the Renaissance and humanism, democracy and totalitarianism, ending with the revival of the European idea, which resulted after a horrific European war in the creation of the European Union. The author also focuses on the writings of influential thinkers in order to assess the role of ethics and morality both at the individual level and in a social context. Each chapter seeks to achieve the book’s objectives, namely, to highlight the patterns, the events, and the contributions of influential thinkers that form the historical, cultural, political, and economic basis of modern Europe.”
Stanislav J. Kirschbaum

„This book primarily addresses the younger generation, who is bound to take charge of the European future. It is an interdisciplinary study that elucidates the patterns of emergence and expanse (often even evanescence) of many traditional socio-political phenomena. The author has contributed a tremendous amount of work, offering not only a unique exploration of the European states’ evolution but, through such a comparative analysis, enabling us to foresee “new trends” in the international politics.“
Yevheniy I. Haydanka


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