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Lucjan Miś
TYPI UNIVERSITATIS TYRNAVIENSIS, spoločné vydavateľstvo Trnavskej univerzity v Trnave a VEDY, vydavateľstva Slovenskej akadémie vied
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The book contains an analysis of the most important social problems in the European Union countries. Four groups of countries were studied: western (France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg), eastern (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia), northern (Denmark, Finland, Sweden) and southern (Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy). The selection of issues was based on the results of Eurobarometer surveys conducted in 2004-2019. In the opinion of the EU inhabitants, the most important issues were: unemployment, economic situation (in general), inflation, health care and social security, crime, immigration, pensions, public debt, education, taxes, environmental protection, housing and terrorism.
The author analyzed both the respondents' opinions and indicators showing the objective dimension of the problems. The study of the subjectivist and objectivist dimensions made it possible to discover the similarities and differences between the western, eastern, northern and southern countries. The convergence of the societies of the European Union during the study period was slow, because the problems turned out to be strongly anchored in the structure of four groups of countries.
All in all, I evaluate the publishing proposal presented by L. Miś unequivocally positively and recommend it for printing. (...) Reading the book will certainly contribute to a better understanding by the public of the scope and dynamics of changes in social problems in the EU. This, in turn, may lead to a better understanding of the situation in the entire EU, but also of the relations between the member states.
The presented publishing proposal meets not only the cognitive expectations but can also constitute the basis for shaping the public opinion in relation to some issues related to the EU.
(From the review of prof. dr hab. Paweł Starosta, the University of Łódź in Łódź)
I consider the methodology adopted by the author and the way of presenting the issues to be correct. The consistent juxtaposition of two subjectivistic and objectivistic perspectives, and this in relation to the four groups of countries over the nearly twenty-year period, allows Miś to formulate conclusions both with regard to the analyzed social problems, their importance and conditions, as well as the response of citizens to emerging problems and actions of the authorities. (...) I can fully recommend the reviewed book for publication in a scientific publishing house. It is the result of inquisitive analyzes and brings up important problems for contemporary citizens of EU countries and their governments. It provides many substantive arguments that should be used in public debates.
(From the review of dr hab. Piotr Górski, prof. at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow)



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