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Vyšla nová monografia prof. Vasyľa Marčuka, ktorá sa zaoberá integračnými snahami Ukrajiny do európskych štruktúr v kontexte politickej situácie v strednej a východnej Európe.


The monograph analyzes the new methodological aspects of the study of European integration processes, summarizes the experience of European integration of Eastern European countries, analyzes civic activity as an indicator of participatory democracy. It is proved that the effectiveness of the integration process depends on the total potential of resources available to the state. The conditions that affect the speed and nature of Ukraine’s European integration are analyzed. The specifics of the democratization process in Ukraine and its impact on the European integration process are studied. The role of civil society institutions in the process of formation of a democratic political regime is analyzed. Ways to increase internal political consolidation in Ukraine have been identified. Decentralization reform is considered as an important precondition for deepening cooperation between Ukraine and the EU. The monograph is designed for professionals, politicians, civil servants, scientists, teachers, students and stakeholders.